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We are your
Smart Contracts consultants

Bespoke Blockchain Platforms based on specific needs for all kind of sectors and industries

What we do

Enterprise Blockchain Software Consultancy, Design and Development

Welcome to Skios, your blockchain technology partner

Smart Contracts Consultancy
Smart Contracts Consultancy

Administrative workflows automation and integration of cognitive tools into custom web & mobile platforms based on specific needs

Blockchain Development
Blockchain Development

Hyperledger based blockchain architecture for smart contracts digital systems that run deep efficiency into business processes automation and safe management of information

Security and Workflow Design
Security and Workflow Design

Design sprint and personalised workflow architecture compliant with GDPR and developed through Agile methodologies

Web & Mobile
Web & Mobile

From UI-UX design to user acceptance testing through layers of independent environments that ensure information security and privacy besides platforms' dynamism and restore capability

Products & Services

Smart Contracts Implementation

Case Studies

Our most recent
smart contracts

Blockchain & Cognitive Implementations

Custom Platforms
Smart Contracts Management

Website & Mobile App Design

We have a large and experienced team that is proficiency using diverse technologies for web / mobile design and development. Our custom blockchain architectures ensure all kind of integrations running in a fast and secure environment.

Smart Contracts Advisory

We advise our clients from design thinking to workflow automation. GDPR compliant blockchain platforms that provide maximum security, privacy and reliability.

Smart Contracts Implementation

We take advantage of Hyperledger in custom architectures able to integrate all kind of additional modules including cognitive tools. We deliver the entire development cycle from Agile methodologies and specific needs.


Design & Development
Smart Contracts Solutions

Housing Authority - Smart Contracts Blockchain Platform

Skios is responsible for the Malta's Rental Smart Contract blockchain platform based on IBM Hyperledger
Ignacio de Cordoba

Blockchain Architect and Founder of Skios

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