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Red Skios is a software development company specialised in Augmented Intelligence or Cognitive Computing, Natural Language Processing systems and Blockchain Platforms.

As Java EE specialist, based on IBM Watson, WebSphere Portal and SmartCloud (Business Partner) pioneer technology, and thanks to our wide experience within Business Intelligence, Cloud Services and Enterprise Web Application Development for decades, we deliver thorough and personalised solutions able to automate processes, increase business efficiency and improve customer experiences through geolocation, chatbots, big data analytics and machine learning.

Augmented Intelligence

Using the most advanced software available, powered by IBM Watson, our solutions are able to take advantage of the huge possibilities that geolocation and machine learning can provide in order to automate processes and increase business efficiency. This unique perspective gives us the opportunity of customising products and target audiences, besides offering the best customer experience from individual tastes and preferences.

Augmented Intelligence

Cognitive Virtual Assistants

The exponential possibilities of augmented intelligence and machine learning, together with our experience, have turned us into specialised suppliers of chatbots and specific virtual assistants for diverse needs, which provide the most complete and personalised experience to the user through the power of IBM Watson.

Virtual Assistants


Following cutting edge technologies development, Skios is also a provider of Blockchain Platforms destined to diverse uses, industries and companies. Through our solid experience working with Hyperledger Fabric, we are able to develop and provide modular, scalable, flexible and secure platforms and networks for all kind of needs.


Business Intelligence

Thanks to our wide experience in all kind of IT systems and software development for decades, we also offer Big Data Analytics solutions based on the open source Apache Hadoop software framework and IBM BigInsight Technology, which is the key to maximise investments in information management, besides being experts in IBM Cognos, SAP Business Warehouse and QlikView.

Business Intelligence

Cloud Services

Skios makes use of IBM’s SmartCloud family of enterprise-class cloud computing technologies and services for securely building public, private and hybrid clouds. 321 Cloud is a solution developed by Skios in order to manage resources on IBM SoftLayer. Our software optimises existing standard panel and improves it thanks to new features and a solid security protocol.

Cloud Services

Enterprise Software Development

As IBM Business Partners and Java EE specialists we also deliver Enterprise Web Application Development based on IBM WebSphere Portal and IBM Web Content Manager technologies. The ability of creating integrated platforms composed of both mobile apps and competitive web management systems is also one of our strengths.

Software Development

IBM Watson Partner

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About Skios

Fundada en 1989, décadas de experiencia en todo tipo de sectores de la industria TI nos avalan, siendo hoy líderes en innovación tecnológica a nivel mundial, la cual enfocamos a la mejora de la eficiencia y la productividad empresarial.