Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality - Overly SIA - Red Skios SA

From our wide experience along the field of the Augmented Intelligence (IBM Business Partner) and Blockchain technologies for years, besides the development of mobile apps for all kind of purposes, Skios also integrates Augmented Reality and 3D Modelling into digital solutions, through the partnership with Overly SIA, first and only company based in Baltic States (Latvia) that is specialised in Augmented Reality technology.

Overly made a solution that would, without guides, educate people on how engine works,  so Overly 3D scanned an old car chassis, after which it was 3D modeled with micron precision and  using Augmented Reality overlayed on the real chassis. The biggest technical challenge was to make a real object recognisable by augmented reality and even now industry experts for AR field are surprised that we managed to make it work. Also, from very old pictures of Riga, where Leonid Brezhnev was driving through Riga streets, Overly had to remodel (3D modeling) a very specific place in city and specific time so that we could create an augmented reality Photo booth were people could appear in place of Leonid Brezhnev.  This project included a lot of 3D modeling from historical images and Photobooth software creation.

Latvia as a Country had to represent itself in World Expo 2017 Astana – in order to do so, they decided to partner with very special Latvian companies that are starting to get known around the world for their technology. Overly was one of the participants in this project – goal was to create an creative and impressive way to show of Latvia without visiting one and also one of biggest Latvian Railway innovations –  Hydrogen train that is being invented and manufactured in Latvia. In order to achieve the goal Overly filmed amazing 360 videos that were enhanced by 3D animations and then were placed in VR goggles in Latvian pavilion, so that people could truly immerse in Latvia.