Blockchain Platforms

Following cutting edge technologies development, Red Skios is also a provider of Blockchain Platforms destined to diverse uses, industries and companies.

Blockchain technology has been highly growing for the last years, becoming a solid trend nowadays, thanks to its advantages regarding to security and efficiency.

Red Skios is an expert provider of Hyperledger Fabric based solutions. Through one of the fastest growing open source blockchain communities, we are able to develop and deliver modular, scalable, flexible and secure platforms and networks which can work whether through the implicated peers agreement or any other kind of rules, assuring safe and efficient frameworks for all kind of needs.

You can learn more about how Skios and IBM explore the possibilities of Blockchain through Hyperledger Fabric by clicking here.

A blockchain is inherently resistant to the modification of the data, which makes the system definitely safe and suitable for currency related business, specially involving cryptocurrencies. Using a decentralized, distributed and public digital ledger, transactions are recorded across many computers without possibility of alteration. Their databases are managed autonomously by peer to peer networks and distributed time stamping servers.

Described sometimes as a Value-Exchange Protocol, through this technology that exchange of value can be completed faster, safer and cheaper than with traditional systems.

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