Cognitive Virtual Assistants & Chatbots

Within the huge possibilities that Augmented Intelligence and Machine Learning offers us, Skios has become a specialist in Cognitive Virtual Assistants and Chatbots according to all kind of needs and possible customisation that clients might have thought of.

Powered by IBM Watson, we are able to set up automated answers to any question or trigger, delivering a better and faster customer care service through the training of the system, which finds itself every day more precise, thanks to the study of real time interactions.

The possibilities regarding to multimedia and links adding make this approach even more helpful, since operators can send all kind of notifications and get manual control of the interactions between chat and customer as well.

A good example of the functioning of our virtual assistants is the one implemented in the mobile app CACT Lanzarote (Available on Google Play Store and Apple Store), focused on offering the most complete and interactive experience to the user, who can enjoy a touristic destination easily, asking everything that needs to the smartphone and getting instant answers about weather specifications, maps, nearby restaurants, events, points of interest…

You can check CACT Lanzarote Mobile App here.