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Eliza Customer Care offers a unique approach into Customer Service thanks to the most advanced Augmented Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technologies.

The Natural Language Processing is destined to redefine Customer Service worldwide. The huge possibilities that Augmented Intelligence and Machine Learning provide give us the key to offer the best service with the least resources.

Red Skios is a software development provider specialised in Cognitive Virtual Assistants for all kind of needs both web and mobile compatible. Based on IBM Watson (Business Partner) and thanks to our wide experience within the Information and Technology field for decades, we develop custom solutions integrating some of our own products, like Eliza Customer Care, into any existing system.


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What can a Cognitive Virtual Assistant make for your business?


  • It reduces e-mail backlog drastically, thanks to the improvement of customer service interactions through automatic and instant answers that assure 24-7 service without daily supervision.
  • It improves the speed and availability of customer service, since customers can ask the online assistant anything at any time, from everywhere, and get an instant response to their doubts or concerns, besides offering multimedia and e-commerce 24-7 integrations.
  • It offers thorough insights of chats interactions that allow studying targeted statistics and audience behaviour in order to exploit business fortresses or localise possible incidences or weaknesses.


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How it works?


  • Based on customisable rules, conditions and triggers, Eliza Customer Care uses IBM Watson’s innovative technology to analyse, identify and understand natural language and become the perfect cognitive virtual assistant.
  • The system is fully customisable and offers infinite possibilities for dialogue, through consecutive questions and answers, if necessary, and machine learning. All this together provides unique interactions in real time and based on human behaviour that are becoming more accurate every day, thanks to the training of the system by operators.
  • It is compatible with all types of multimedia content, as well as external links and tools related to electronic commerce (video, google maps, contracting products and services, payment management …), and can be integrated with other geolocation functions and push notifications, which also offers great potential applied to marketing strategies.


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