Enterprise Software Development

.Net Development

Our default choice for web projects is ASP.NET Web API. This can be used when developing services that follow REST patterns and is meant to be compatible with Internet caches such as “Akamai, Windows Azure CDN, Level3, and so on” with extensive use of OData which standardizes the way REST endpoints are exposed, and JSON.

We see great advantage for small/medium enterprises in using .Net for Web Projects, particularly for the complete velocity and shorter time to market, higher productivity, easy to get started, integration with other market products, cloud agility and cost reductions opportunities.

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Java Development

As a Java specialist, Skios provides software development for the enterprise. Our team can help define, manage, design, develop, test, and deploy enterprise software projects for your organisation.


Our extensive experience in JEE development offers you the possibility to seamlessly integrate custom applications with other blocks in your enterprise IT structure such as ERP/CRM systems and LDAP directory services. We have a big running base of JEE application deployments, ranging from standalone clients, networked based applications as well as complex cloud clusters (SaaS).

For online based applications, Skios has developed its own JEE component library which is used extensively throughout our projects. ServEngine is an in-house developed J2EE component suite for online applications development which uses JPA EJBs for Model and JSF2 for View through CDI. More information can be found at:


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SAP Interface Development

At Skios we can also help you leverage your existing SAP ECC (R/3 Enterprise) solution through Business Application Programming Interface (BAPI) development. BAPIs play an important role in the technical integration and in the exchange of business data between SAP components, and between SAP and non-SAP components. Our team has experience in enhancing existing BAPIs and developing new ones to help integrate your SAP system with external applications as well as with existing business applications within SAP.

Through SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (SAP PI) we can also provide a common repository for interfacing with external non-SAP components. SAP PI acts as an integration broker for SAP ECC which facilitates the integration of business processes that span different departments or organizations.

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